Crystal children we were both, adults we have therefore become logically passers and guardians following a real and deep activation of our Being with the ancient skulls and mythical skulls that we had the chance to meet, in this life, almost two decades ago …

Our strength :

We are connected to the subtle world of the crystal, we feel the energy, the vibration of the crystals and more specifically of the crystal skulls.

Each crystal skull has its own identity, an essence, a consciousness. We are talking here about those which were carved by conscious sculptors and not which came from chain machines.

Each skull belongs to a family as there are specific therapeutic features, there are also specific families of skulls.

Our mission is to find the right skull for you, which also matches your personality, your Soul, your heart, your life path. If you are already a keeper, we will take into account your existing skull family. If you are in a relationship, we also take into account the vibration of each member of your family. All these components are important data that must be taken into account to allow the most optimal meetings here and now.

Our gifts allow us to read your energies with precision, and read the energy of the skull that is intended for you. Then we get closer to all our sculptor contacts around the world to find you your crystalline friend with whom you will walk and grow …