Our story

At the beginning of the 2000s, we had the chance to meet in a completely fortuitous way some ancient crystal skulls including the mythical crystal skulls which were gathered together in an exceptional event.

For my part, I was invited by a friend to come and meet the crystal skulls without knowing that these meetings would change my life.

As I arrived near the Shanara Crystal Skull, an extraordinary skull, with a vibratory rate unlike anything I had ever encountered before, I had an extraordinary experience :

As I placed my hands right through the crystal skull, I asked his permission and above all I felt an energy vortex of great power. I felt an intense vibration under my fingers, a thud, the kind of noise that makes you think of the noise of a jet engine …

After a few breaths where I centered myself, to empty myself, I was finally able to touch Shanara with my fingertips.

And the moment this contact was made, I distinctly heard :

« Finally! It’s time to wake up to your other dimension. You must help the Guardians and the Crystal Skulls to find each other for their awakening and collective awakening. Each awakened person participates in the collective of all. This is your mission. You came to us to remember, to get out of this sleep »

A non-verbal dialogue ensued between Shanara and I :

« For Shanara, humanity was not ready to (speaking of the Crystal Skull Collective) fully welcome them. That’s why he wasn’t all on Earth. Some were on different planes and would not physically come until when humanity had grown up and was one in order to avoid the mistakes of the past through which civilizations have passed … »

meeting with shanara - 1

From a more personal point of view, while at the time I was working as a therapist specializing in the human matrix and a work that I had called “from the psychogynecological tree to the sacred feminine”, I found myself have a crystal skull “lecture” that literally summoned me to wake up as a link between the keepers and the crystal skulls.

On the one hand I wore the hat of a therapist, on the other I heard myself say that I had to enter a world that I knew nothing about until now. My three-dimensional side is trying to think about how to reconcile these two aspects until the obvious.
There was nothing to split up, as sure as I used all my skills of reception, mediumship, feeling, intuitions, Akashic readings that I combined with my therapeutic care, I had to do the same to find who’s keeper of whom.

I pray the time to meet from heart to heart each of the crystal skulls present, some were lighter in their verbs, others more serious if we can say … But it was magical .. Out of the ordinary. The start of a great adventure …

meeting with shanara
light halo effect

Aymeric’s Encounter with the Crystal Skulls :

In 2008, I went toa shamanism parlor where I felt called and on the way, I saw a movie poster, namely Indiana Johns and the Crystal Skull. At that time, I had no idea what a crystal skull was and surprisingly when my gaze fell on the poster like a pandora’s box being opened, I was invaded by memories, images, information, which related to the whole consciousness of the crystal skulls. As I was literally immersed in the Akashic books dealing with crystal skulls and their real history …


I lived at that moment a moment out of time. A moment of reconnection, of memories, of lessons that are difficult to explain in words as it is played out on another level.

After this informational digestion time I would say, I took the road to this shamanism salon.

And when I walked in my gaze fell face to face on a stand of crystal skulls and when I took the crystal skull – which most attracted me in my hands – I continued to receive information. on their stories, thus living a total immersion in the akashas. 5 minutes after this vibratory plunge, I was able to spontaneously speak about crystal skulls with fluidity and ease, realizing that I was the depositary of this science and knowledge.

I received the message that I had been a keeper and ferryman for several lifetimes and that I had to start over in this lifetime and allow those who are in search of their heads to be able to find it. I was in deep joy and at the same time I felt the solemn aspect inherent in this role. Since crystal skulls are powerful artefacts, there is a great responsibility for transmission.

While before this activation I was a therapist, lithotherapist-sonotherapist, I found myself becoming a conscious ferryman of the crystal skull as well. I understood that from that day forward, I will devote myself to allowing the encounters that must be made, the reunion between the guardians and their crystal skulls. I would use my ability to read the akashas to feel, my ability to hear the messages of the crystal skulls to understand who is for whom with dedication and integrity since I fully understood the stakes of this extraordinary reunion.

And one afterward, on my way to the Crystal Skull Festival, Igot to know the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull, the legendary skull called the Destiny Skull that sent me messages for humanity and its evolution.

I also met the one who became my wife in this second festival … A little wink from our crystalline friends is to have made us experience our meeting surrounded by crystal skulls …

Both of us had revelations from the crystal skulls, both of us were awakened to a common dimension of our Being, and we were asked to work for the collective awakeningby serving of that our aptitudes so that each and each one receives that which is intended for him or to enlarge his family of crystal skulls with the one or those who must enter their crystalline family.

So began the adventure …