Lately, I came across the video of the crystal skulls of Aymeric and Amelle Blanc while surfing on youtube.
After a few minutes I felt like calling the number listed and when Amelle called me she read my energies to me and together we knew which skull was for me. I didn’t have to see him to know it was him. Amelle sent me several photos of different skulls at the same time, but from all of them I knew which one was for me. And that was also the one Amelle had felt for me … I loved how smoothly it all happened. It was worthy of Andean prophecy. From sync to sync, I came to find my crystal skull. We’re growing together now and it’s a real treat.
I will come back to Amelle and Aymeric when I feel the call of a new skull, that’s for sure and in the meantime I’m enjoying my Arthuros.
See you soon,