Hello, my first name is Laure, I am someone who was born with magnetism and great faith. I have always listened to my intuition, my guidance. When I was listening to Amelle’s video on this treatment one day, I heard that she was also a skull smuggler and it intrigued me. I needed to know more so I looked for more videos she had made including several on crystal skulls and listened and drunk all of their words. I heard “contact her! contact there! contact there! “. What I did and she immediately picked up. It was weird two minutes before she was on my screen and there I was chatting with her. She read my energies and she expressed to me which skull would suit me in relation to my life path, my blockages, etc. Her “diagnosis” was incredibly correct. It was me from A to Z. So yes when it came to the choice of the skull, it was crystal clear to me. I liked how it was all done. I appreciated his integrity, his generosity of time. It wasn’t a sales report. She let me feel the energies of my future skull among others. It was very beautiful … I wish everyone such support and then it does not stop with the payments, after there is the support phase and there too it is present. As she told me, “no need for internships to communicate, any smuggler must pass on the transmission keys at the time of said transmission. »And that also spoke to me well.

In summary : I am happy to have followed my guidance once again, the result far exceeds all my expectations.