I reached out to Amelle after seeing a post she made on a group I’m subscribed to. We exchanged a few messages around the crystals and crystal skulls by messenger and then I rang Amelle on her mobile phone. Amelle gave me – at my request – what she calls a reading of my energies. I was blown away! She kept me totally up to date and with incredible ease. Then she told me about the skull she saw for me. Not the mineral but what it will bring me and what it was connected to. And I was treated to a little photo parade. I immediately was called by a particular skull. Chills all over my body, a feeling of openness in my heart, I was blue in that skull (in love)… And Amelle told me that it was the one she felt for me.

When she sent me the skull, she accompanied me as soon as I received it until I felt connected with him without needing a “crutch”… Thank you to her and her husband for their seriousness , their presence… you can tell that they are passionate about their mission… It’s great to meet such people.