Pricing and Operation

See you soon to meet your crystal skull…

We are connected to the subtle world of crystal, we feel the energy, the vibration of crystals and more specifically of crystal skulls.

Each crystal skull has its own identity, essence and consciousness. We are talking about those that have been carved by conscious sculptors, not those that have been made by assembly line machines.

Each skull belongs to a family, just as there are therapeutic specificities, there are also specific families of skulls.

Our mission is to find the skull that corresponds to you, your personality, your Soul, your heart, your life path. If you are already a guardian, we will take into account your existing skull family. If you are a couple, we also take into account the vibration of each member of your family. All these components are important data that must be taken into account in order to allow for the most optimal encounter here and now.

Our gifts allow us to read your energies accurately, and to read the energy of the skull intended for you. Then we approach all our sculptor contacts around the world to find you your crystalline friend with whom you will walk and grow…

The price is determined by several parameters :

  • the sculptor,
  • the origin of the stone, the quality of the mineral (poor to extra),
  • the work required for the sculpture (since, like Rodin who made the thinker emerge, our sculptors work with rough blocks that are on average 5 times the size of the skull you will have in your hands in the end). No machining. A real work of goldsmith with passion and dedication.

Moreover, on this site, each piece of jewellery is unique.
The shipping costs are calculated according to the shipping method chosen by the future guardian. Can be sent anywhere on earth.

To avoid two pitfalls:

  • that two custodians do not buy a single piece at the same time,
  • that a person does not buy the skull that is really intended for them and experiences obvious discomfort.

We did not activate the direct purchase option, preferring that the future goalkeepers contact us.

Following the contact, we have an interview during which we feel whether or not the skull is intended for the person and if not we find his or her crystal skull.
It is important to be attentive and respectful of the energies of both the crystal skull and the guardian. In this way we can be sure that the crystal skulls go where the energies call them. Seeing happy guardians and crystal skulls is our vision and wish.
As I like to say, “the personality serves the Soul and not the other way around”, so listen to your heart, your Soul, your Spirit and you will know…

Do you have special needs ? Please do not hesitate to contact us.