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Welcome to our website dedicated to crystal skulls, crystal dragons and mineral sculptures. Find the right mineral artifact for you.

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Looking for your crystal skull or crystal dragon?

You are in the right place

We put all our gifts at your service to find your happiness. Listening to you, listening to your Soul, feeling and reading your energies will be as many capacities put together to find your Skull. Either it already exists and is waiting for you here, or we will contact our sculptors so that it can come to life…
Our strength: personal and individual transmission of each crystal skull so that the magic is there, so that the synergy is and that the reunion can be a wonderful moment for both (the crystal skull and its guardian).

Skull passers and crystal skull keepers

Aymeric and I are skull passers and crystal skull keepers, and have decided to give life to this site where we share with joy, our encounter with the crystal skulls, but also other elements that you will have the pleasure to discover, to view or to read.
If you feel the call and the desire to invite into your life a powerful crystalline consciousness, a magical artefact, then you will follow your guidance and contact us so that we can go and look for your companion, your crystal friend who is there, that awaits you, written into your destiny.

Amelle and Aymeric Blanc,
Crystalline transmitters,
Passers and guards.



Some of our Videos

We are making some of our videos available here for your information.

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

Discover here various legends, from the most famous to the least known, about the crystal skulls.


Our story

If you want to know us better, you will find here a quick presentation of Amelle and Aymeric.