Welcome to the online store dedicated to crystal skulls and crystal dragons.

How is the price determined?

How is the price determined?

  • the sculptor,
  • the origin of the stone, the quality of mineral (mediocre to extra),
  • the work necessary for the sculpture (since like Rodin who made the thinker emerge, our sculptors work with blocks rough which are 5 times on average the size of the skull that you will have in your hands in the end). No machining work. A true work of goldsmith with passion and dedication.

In addition, on this site, each piece such as a piece of jewelry is unique.

The shipping costs are calculated according to the shipping method chosen by the future caretaker. Can be sent anywhere on Earth.

And to avoid two elements :

  • that two caretakers do not buy a unique piece at the same time,

  • that a person does not buy the skull that is really intended for him and experiences obvious discomfort,

We have not activated the direct purchase option, preferring that future caretakers contact us.

Following the contact, we have an interview during which we feel whether or not the skull is indeed intended for the person and if not we find His crystal skull.

It is important to be attentive and respectful of the energies of the crystal skull as well as of the guardian.

Thus, we can be sure that we can guarantee that the crystal skulls go well where the energies call them.

To see happy guardians and crystal skulls is our vision and our wish.

As I like to say often « the personality is at the service of the Soul and not the other way around » (Amelle) so listen to your heart, to your Soul, to your Spirit and you will know …

See you soon to meet your crystal skull …