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Cloé, Nantes, France.

My name is Cloé, I got to know Amelle and Aymeric through youtube videos “by chance” and when I saw their crystal skulls I thought wow .. I was having chills all over the place. I called her the same

Sylvain, Waterloo, Belgium.

A friend of mine told me about this couple in the Aude, who in addition to being quantum therapists, are ferrymen and guardians of crystal skulls. With that advice, I called Aymeric and told him about a vision where a

Céline, canton of Friborg, Switzerland.

Lately, I came across the video of the crystal skulls of Aymeric and Amelle Blanc while surfing on youtube.
After a few minutes I felt like calling the number listed and when Amelle called me she read my energies

Oro, french polynesia.

How to explain my link with Aymeric and Amelle. Through facebook, I saw their post on crystal skulls and their post on human consciousness and my heart felt a very strong, very strong connection. I was born and raised in

Sonia, Uccle.

I reached out to Amelle after seeing a post she made on a group I’m subscribed to. We exchanged a few messages around the crystals and crystal skulls by messenger and then I rang Amelle on her mobile phone. Amelle

Christian, Guadeloupe.

I had an extraordinary encounter with this skull that looks like Super Saïan (Dragon Ball Z) while exploring my Facebook news feed. It was at a time in my life when I needed a helping hand to explore other dimensions

Ismaël, Washington D.C, USA.

For my part, I was subscribed to the Quantaum initiatory voyages facebook page of Aymeric and Amelle and when a publication of sales of crystal skulls appeared on my newsfeed, I was immediately called by a skull which was in

Laure, Paris.

Hello, my first name is Laure, I am someone who was born with magnetism and great faith. I have always listened to my intuition, my guidance. When I was listening to Amelle’s video on this treatment one day, I heard

Rafael, Citizen of the world.

Hi, my name is Rafael, citizen of the world, I met Amelle through facebook. I stumbled upon a publication of crystal skulls by “chance” and there it was a party all over my body! I heard: call, she you know

Arthur, seeker of truths, conscious traveler.

I introduce myself, my name is Arthur, seeker of truths and to get there I travel on a backpack on the various sacred sites following a burnout and has great awakenings, I left my old self as an engineer to

John, Star Friend, Glasgow Brother.

My name is John, originally from Glasgow, I got to know Aymeric from a contact who told me about him and his quantum healing. Treatments that I had the pleasure of practicing (atlas balancing in their Quantaum center .. a

Pierre Simon, Cannes.

How to tell a meeting worthy of a science fiction movie? It is best to keep it simple. Living about 500 km from the Quantaum center, I decided to move to live the treatment of Aymeric (Atlas balancing) in Luc

Samoa, New Caledonia.

I was passing through the Essene and Cathar region, in the aude, when I saw a stall during a market that capsized my heart. That of Aymeric and Amelle. Crystals that vibrated, that sang of love and joy. An explosion

Rosaline, Watterloo, Belgium.

A friend of mine warmly recommended that I contact Mr. Aymeric Blanc and his wife Amelle. Having become attached to them, they were kind enough to listen to my request and immediately knew how to put words into my energies.

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