There are several legends surrounding the history of the crystal skulls, their numbers, dates of meeting and connection…

The Cherokee sages told us a legend: At the origin of the worlds, there were 12 worlds, in each one there was life. Terra was the youngest of the 12. The ancient builders eager to offer their knowledge and knowledge to the people of this young planet, decided to entrust them with artefacts carrying all their knowledge : crystal skulls. The 4 building peoples being Mu, Lemuria, Mieyhun and Atlantis.

These skulls were kept by the shamans of ancient peoples, the Olmecs who kept them in pyramids, then the Mayans, and the Aztecs. No one knows who was at the origin of the separation of the skulls but the fact remains that the crystal skulls circulated among ancient peoples and still continue … Some have been brought to light, others work in secret … But all continue to be a bridge between worlds and peoples…

As for the Mayan legend, which is to this day the most famous in the Western world, it tells us the story of 13 crystal skulls which are said to have descended from the heavens by the Iztas, who came from Atlantis in order to allow the humanity to become a spiritually awakened people When man is ready, the skulls will be gathered in one place, at one time, and man will lead into the Golden Age… This is the Mayan prophecy.

The skulls would have the gift of speaking, of singing, and united together, their power is multiplied tenfold. They are powerful tools, powerful artefacts, teachers, healers, energy activator, protectors, companions…

We were allowed to meet a few of them. I will tell you their stories and legends:

The following skulls are legendary skulls that we were lucky enough to meet …

The best known of all is the Skull of Destiny, discovered by Anna Mitchelle-Hedges, daughter of British explorer F.A. Mitchel Hedges, during his archaeological excavations. When she was only 17 years old, she discovered him in the ruins of a Mayan temple in Belize (southern Mexico).

This skull is one of the most extraordinary we have come across.
Indeed, its crystal is a perfectly translucent rock crystal, with the shape of a female face and whose jaw is removable.
Another peculiarity reported, if it is placed with its back to the sun, it acts with the light like a magnifying glass, making rays shoot out from its eyes, nose and mouth powerful enough to start a fire. If a light is placed below, it comes out through the eye sockets. Which is unusual.

Some said it was a fake skull. To deny and silence the bad tongues, Anna lent herself to the game of entrusting it to the Hewlett-Packard company so that the latter could prove or not the authenticity of this crystalline wonder The following information emerged from this study : His female face is pre-Columbian, having been discovered under a Mayan temple, it has been dated to pre-Columbian times. owever, if we take pre-Columbian art into account, it would have taken pre-Columbian artisans more than 300 years of continuous (non-stop) work to achieve such a result with the tools they had at the time. Which absolutely impossible to achieve. In addition, no trace of tooling or machining has been found and unsealed in this skull by this company.
As a reminder, it is made of an extraordinarily pure natural quartz, in two parts made from the same crystal and perfectly sculpted as if it had been done all at once without installation. It is still to this day an enigma for science which is absolutely unable to this day to explain how this skull could have been sculpted …

We, who have met him, can tell you that this skull is indeed the bearer of a consciousness, of the presence of a being who does not belong to this earthly plane. he (because it is a female presence) shared with us in a clear vision, the birth of the creation of the world, she showed us the future of humanity in addition to more personal messages … She is a great teacher, a master of wisdoms …

The skull of destiny

The most famous of all. Discovered by Anna Mitchelle-Hedges in southern Mexico when she was 17.

Its special feature : made of extraordinarily pure natural quartz

Shanara is made of milky rock crystal. Like the ancient skulls, there are many stories about it. It is said that Shanara would have been entrusted to the Aztecs then in a more contemporary way, would have arrived in the hands of the late Nick Nocérino, an American, medium since his childhood and who later became a shaman. This man with an atypical life course, has always been in touch with the crystal skulls. As proof, when he was a marine and was in the south of France at the end of 1944, a peasant gave him a crystal skull wrapped in fabric. It was the skull of the Templars … The first in a long series.

Nocerino, shaman and medium knew the importance of what was entrusted to him and always took great care of all the crystal skulls he was guardian.
To come back to Shanara, this one brought him a lot of visions, a real dialogue existed between the two.

Nick Nocerino said :

« A true crystal skull knows how to relate to our mind, to our life force, and it can immediately expand that energy, that force.” He went on to explain that the extension of this vital energy multiplies much more with a crystal skull than with skulls of other minerals. Nick also explained that the crystal skulls form a specific and close bond with those close to them, sharing energy and information and communicating messages with them. This skull would still be considered authentic. »

I was able to experience a real encounter with him, yes he is genuine. To be in his presence is to feel multiple vortices, to understand physically what magnetic fields mean, to understand the notion of multiple dimensions. Shanara has such a high vibratory rate that when we are in his presence, we feel the doors of the worlds open and we access subtle planes, we access the akashas of the different worlds … It was an honor to meet him and to be bathed in its extraordinary aura.

Shanara like Max were entitled to tests from the British Museum and both for the one and the other the results were not shared …


Would have been entrusted to the Aztecs or in the hands of the late Nick Nocérino depending on the version

Its particularity : made of milky rock crystal

Max is a crystal skull that was discovered in Guatemala (in a shaman’s grave).

His story is full of mysteries, we don’t know where he came from until then. Then from this tomb from which it was extracted, it is found among the Mayan priests who officiate in shamanic healing sessions. During one of these sessions, comes to them a man named Norbu Chen, a Tibetan healer, who had come to learn the art of healing according to Mayan shamanism. The priests had a vision to entrust Max to him for the care he would provide in the future.

Norbu Chen, traveled to Texas where he settled, and served as a healer. His notoriety as a healer with a crystal skull was so strong that people traveled from all over the USA to benefit from his care. A woman with her seriously ill daughter came to him. This woman was Joann Parks. Her daughter was doomed by allopathic medicine and as she tells during her lectures, Max the Crystal Skull saved his daughter.

A friendship was born between Joann Parks and Norbu Chen. When the latter died he offered Max to Joann. This was not a therapist, did not communicate with the crystal skulls and not knowing what to do with him, she put him in a shoebox in a closet …

A few years later, she distinctly heard

« looking for the man, looking for the man, looking for the man … »

As she looked for where the voice was coming from, she understood that it was coming from the shoebox ! And yet Joann Parks is neither crazy, nor enlightened, nor perched as they say.

She took Max out of her shoebox and realized that she shouldn’t ignore him but hear his message. By synchronicity or coincidence, she came across a program where a man was intervening to talk about crystal skulls and this man was none other than Nick Nocérino !
The same evening she called Nick Nocérino who told her that he had been looking for Max for years …

When Max found Shanara it was a great joy … and the reunion of two accomplices from ancient worlds and times …

When we met Max for our part, we saw a very merry, very serious skull, a rather mischievous sage … We cannot remain indifferent to his presence. It carries and transports hearts … It is connected to the Atlantean and lemur worlds, but not only. It makes the link between dimensions and reconnects memories …

The skull of texas or “Max”

Discovered in Guatemala in the tomb of a shaman

We don’t know his distant origins

This skull that I was lucky enough to meet during an initiatory trip to Mexico in 2006, 2007 from memory, is a skull that connects us to the akashas. At the time, it was entrusted to Kayun, the last Lacandon Mayan shaman. And while we were visiting sacred sites, he and his guardian came to our group for a time of sharing and exchange. A real gift of life, a reconnection with the wisdom of ancient peoples.

This crystal skull has since left Mexico to transmit and teach its wisdom in Europe

Kin Batz

Skull originally from Mexico. Is currently in Europe to transmit and teach his wisdom

I will tell you about two other skulls that we have encountered and that I invite you to meet them if you have the opportunity. They are kept in museums in Europe. One in Paris, the other in London.

If you want to meet the crystal skull of Paris, you can admire it and commune with it at the Quai Branly museum You will be in the presence of a masculine energy working in connection with other energetic points of the earth without saying more.

And if your footsteps take you to the land of Harry Potter, then you will go to the British Museum, and you will relate to a magnificent galactic female consciousness An infinite cosmic field of love …
A wonderful heart-to-heart exchange was established between her and us and we felt transported, reconnected to other beings, other crystal skulls… Gratitude and infinite tenderness for her and for her radiance on earth and beyond. It is said in the museum, that in the evening, She moves in her space under glass. What scares the employees of the British Museum … Maybe she wants to walk around the premises of the museum, to visit other artifact friends or that she wants to jostle some so that they open their minds to multi-universe…

British Museum Skull

Paris crystal skull


I now present to you some skulls that we are guardians of because they wanted to be present on this site. For others, they are visible at the Quantaum center where they work in reliance with their friends from the subtle planes …

Yabi is an ancient skull, dating back over 6,500 years, from the Hong Chan dynasty in China, which we received from a friend of mine, the late Kathleen Murray, also a specialist in crystal skulls.
It is in red meteorite glass which is more than rare, not to say unique …
Yabi is connected to the worlds of dragons. He is a pacifist, benevolent being, an ambassador of peace between worlds and galaxies.


Date over 6500 years old

Yabi is made of red meteorite glass


Glaz is an ancient skull dating back over 4,500 years, born in Tibet and made in ancient turquoise. He was found in a temple in the Mongolian desert. This skull, exceptional for its consciousness, works on the energy of the sacred couple. On the top of his head he has an engraved symbol representing the unification of the sacred masculine and feminine united in itself. This same symbol is engraved on one of the sacred sites of the Razès region, a region rich in Celtic, Essene, Cathar symbols… It is a healing and teaching skull.


Skull over 4500 years old made in ancient turquoise.

Its peculiarity : was found in a time in the Mongolian desert


Blue is a skull whose origin is not known, it literally appeared in a batch of skulls at a wholesaler in Belgium. He doesn’t know where he came from and his sculptor told him he didn’t sculpt him. But the mystery doesn’t end there, I had a dream where I saw stars, constellations. Then a voice in the celestial vault, spoke to me to say to me

“look, the points between the stars connect”

… And there under my eyes (so to speak) I saw the shape of a skull appear, this skull had a removable jaw and he said to me: tomorrow you will find me, you are and you are my guardians. I am a singing skull, I connect the stars together… (He shared some other information with me…). The next day I have a hunch that we have to go to a place. We took the car and arrived at the wholesaler. Where we saw in the window this magnificent being with the removable jaw! It was exactly the same as in my dream the day before.

Since then Blue has been with us and works with his friends and crystalline brothers. He accompanies by his presence those who are passing through while waiting for their guardians and activates in them what must be without human intervention. The skulls have their own consciousness. It would be sufficient or naive to pretend to act on them. The skulls are alive. They have their own identity, thought, action, energy, consciousness. A skull connected to abundance is not and never will be a skull connected to an exorcist skull. You cannot impose on them unless you enter the field of darkness and that is a disrespect for the skull and for life … Blue is a wonderful being, who shares and shines …

Blue ray

Its origin is not known

Appeared in a lot of skulls at a wholesaler in Belgium


Our sun ! Solios is in amber. He is a solar friend, he comes from Atlanta, USA. It relates to Sirius and the vibration of the golden babies (who have the golden aura).

He is a radiant being, who activates deep joy.


Is amber and comes from Atlanta, USA


Our friend, in extra quality rose quartz, comes from a planet located in another universe, an extraterrestrial race with a great awareness of Love where duality does not exist. She has manifested herself on earth to teach and share this level of consciousness and help humanity on its path of awakening.


Extra quality Rose Quartz skull

Particularity : extraterrestrial skull


Our friend is made in three varieties of obsidian (which is an absolute rarity). He came into our lives as Blue. That is to say, we went to look for him following a dream. And like Blue, when we got there he was there. He was waiting for us.

Let me tell you: when we arrived at the wholesaler’s parking lot, I went directly to the door of the hangar as a magnet. As our wholesaler friend invited me to go to the main store, my hands and legs were locked against the hangar door. I stood there claiming to want to enter the shed because I felt called. It was so and not otherwise. No sooner had it opened than I rushed into total darkness between the shelves and stalls and my hands rested on something.

There I felt in place. When the light was on in the large room. I realized that I had literally slalomed between crystals, geodes, skulls etc … Everyone agreed that the skull had magnetized me. Since that day, SILAMH has been working with us. It is a skull that belongs to the family of earthly and heavenly protectors.


When I met him, I felt enveloped in divine love. This crystalline being from Mexico carries within him the frequency of pure unconditional love. He spent over 3 hours in the presence of Mitchell Hedges skull where I could see with my own eyes the encoding he was experiencing as new crystallizations appeared in him. It just goes to show that the crystal is indeed a living matter and the skulls communicate, download and exchange information given their piezoelectric nature.

Since then, Love has been part of the crystal skulls that I put in contact with the passing skulls (that is to say those that we transmit to the guardians) so that Love can in turn transmit what he himself has received from the skull of destiny. And so are all our other transmitting skulls …


Crystal skulls are like gifts of nature, for those who wish to gain access to self-knowledge, who wish to grow spiritually, to awaken to who they are, to access other higher planes…, to develop their faculties psychic or refine their therapeutic skills.

Some of our crystal skulls have been linked to the mythical skulls. Given the piezoelectric nature of the skulls, The Skull of Destiny, Shanara, Max, Synergy, have transmitted information that is inscribed in the structure of our crystal skulls. The latter have become activators, transmitters. So when we find you your crystal skull, it is put in contact with our transmitting skulls … In fact, your skulls or your crystal skull are found to experience downloads from mythical skulls … it is a magnificent energetic web that is draws all over the world …

Our crystal skulls have been put in contact with other skulls during our travels and encounters, powerful and energetic sacred places (such as stonehege, mount shasta, mount bugarach, pyramid of Egypt …) and all this is encoded in your crystal skulls or future crystal skull.

We do not impose anything, we let the skulls commune together. Instead, we hear their messages and help you develop communication with your crystal skull. Since a passer must be an accompanist during this transition and as much as necessary. It is not necessary to take a course, just follow the advice of the ferryman who gives you the keys to allow you to communicate at best with the transmitted skull. It is in this sense that we approach our mission of smugglers of crystal skulls with ethics and a philosophy of sharing and support.